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LILIT - Laboratory for Interdisciplinary


Massimo TORMEN Massimo Tormen Scientist and group leader 040 375 8416
Danut-Adrian COJOC Dan Cojoc Scientist 040 375 8772
Marco LAZZARINO Marco Lazzarino Scientist 040 375 6434
Filippo ROMANATO Filippo Romanato Scientist 040 375 8413
Alessandro POZZATO Alessandro Pozzato Postdoc 040 375 8627
Simone DALZILIO Simone Dalzilio Postdoc 040 375 6458
Enrico SOVERNIGO Enrico Sovernigo Postdoc 040 375 8018
Gabriele ZACCO Gabriele Zacco PostDoc 040 375 8415
Davide SAMMITO Davide Sammito PhD student 040 375 8773
Valentina GIORGIS Valentina Giorgis PhD student 040 375 8769
Damiano CASSESE Damiano Cassese PhD Student 040 375 6458
Valeria TOFFOLI Valeria Toffoli PhD Student 040 375 6462
Elisa MITRI Elisa Mitri PhD student 040 375 8759
Francesca VIRGILIO Francesca Virgilio PhD student 040 375 8759
Andrea RADIVO Andrea Radivo PhD student 040 375 8759
Daniele BORIN Daniele Borin PhD Student 040 375 6462
Luca PIANTANIDA Luca Piantanida PhD Student 040 375 6458
Former members Position Left to
Istem OZEN Post Doc -
Gianluca GRENCI Researcher Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore
Hossein PAKDAST PhD Student - (DK)
Elisa MIGLIORINI PhD Student Nanoscience Foundation, Grenoble (FR)
Fadlallah DANDASH -- --
Mauro PRASCIOLU Post Doc FS-ML Group - DESY - Hamburg (DE)
Giovanni BIRARDA Post Doc Ecology Department - L. Berkeley Nat. Lab. - Berkeley - CA
Mauro MELLI Post Doc Molecular Foundry - L. Berkeley Nat. Lab. - Berkeley - CA
Nicolas Marquestaut Student -
Alessandro CARPENTIERO Clean Room Technician IFN-CNR Unitą di Trento
Luca BUSINARO Scientist IFN-CNR Unitą di Roma
Enzo DI FABRIZIO Senior scientist and group leader Magna Gręcia University of Catanzaro
Enrico FERRARI Postdoc MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge (UK)
Marco MATTEUCCI Postdoc Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)
Lisa VACCARI Scientist Sissi@Elettra (I)
Giulia QUONDAM Liaison officer Elettra (I)
Benedetta MARMIROLI Postdoc Saxs@Elettra (I)
Matteo CASTRONOVO Master student Elettra (I)
James BAKEINE Postdoc (I)
Valeria GARBIN PhD student University of Twente (NL)
Laura FELISARI Postdoc University of Reading (UK)
Fulvio SCHIAPPELLI Master student ST Microelectronics (I)
Remo PROIETTI PhD student University of Osaka (JP)
Radu MALUREANU PhD student Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DK)
Kumar RAKESH Visiting scientist CCS University - Meerut (IN)
Stefano CABRINI Scientist Molecular Foundry - LBNL, Berkeley, CA (US)
Arrigo GOSPARINI PhD student University of Trieste (I)
Massimiliano LUCHI PhD student Max Planck Institute (DE)
Enrico GOLFETTO Master student TASC National Laboratory (I)
Patrizio CANDELORO PhD student Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern (DE)
Matteo ALTISSIMO PhD student CSIRO, Manifacturing and Infrastructure Technology (AU)
Fabio FERI PhD student
Dino PIGNETTI Master student

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